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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Who Are We?

Anbison is a pharmaceutical company invested and operated by a number of pharmaceutical professionals at home and abroad; established in scientific development, manufacture and commercialization of pharmaceutical preparations.   Anbison is dedicated to research, development (R&D) and production of high-end generic drugs which have its quality and efficacy in consistency with that of the original ones as well as improved new drug with clinical advantages; aimed at both domestic and oversea markets of pharmaceutical preparations; specialized in process scale up and manufacture of complex products; focused on quality assurance and production efficiency so as to provide patients with high-quality and affordable therapeutic drugs.

  • 15+ Year

    Anbison has been working on drug preparation research and development for 14 years

  • 50+ ANDA

    50 plus products have been filed, 30 plus products have been approved

  • 20000+

    Manufacture facilities for multi-dosage form, modified release and long-lasting injection production

Product Center

Product information is for medical professional’s reference only. These products may not have been approved and/or licensed for listing in all countries with access to this website.


Product Pipeline

With the R&D and manufacture of controlled-release drug products as the core business, Anbison focuses on development of high-end controlled-release dosage forms and finished dosage forms that are inherently difficult to manufacture. Meanwhile, we are actively expanding to 505b(2) drugs and complex long-acting injectables.

Business Partner

We maintain close cooperation with our industrial chain for mutual growth and development.

  • R&D

  • Clinical Research

  • Manufacture

  • Commercialization

  • Industry Collaboration

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